For professionals in today's competitive and changing world, continuous education is essential for continued employment and advancement. One of the most important roles of the PLDA is to provide the lighting design community with intellectual and technical support needed to continue push the lighting design industry forward.

Continued Professional Development (CPD) is the means by which members of professional associations maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge and skills and develop the personal qualities required in their professional lives. As a voting member of PLDA (Professionals, Associates, Fellows) you undertake to maintain your professional competence throughout your career. So one of the most significant benefits the Association can provide is a clear framework for professional development, helping you to succeed in your chosen field of independent lighting design.

CPD is a program that enables PLDA members to develop and maintain their expertise and further their career prospects. The two primary goals of the CPD program are to:
  1. Improve and broaden your knowledge and skills through the use of engaging, informative, and progressive educational tools
  2. Develop the personal qualities required for professional careers

Why should I do CPD?
Many Lighting Designers, without consciously realizing it, are already actively involved in CPD.
  • Gain a deeper or broader knowledge and understanding of your profession
  • Experience and develop new approaches
  • Assess your own business, and focus energy effectively on areas for development.
  • Greater esteem for the profession in the eyes of other professionals
  • Improve awareness of developments in the field of Lighting Design
  • Experienced members can gain much from supporting other members
  • Develop your staff, your business, your careers
  • Keep you competent
  • Take individual staff development needs into account
  • Take the general business needs into account
  • Help to plan learning and development

PLDA - CPD Requirements
  • All valid activities earn points.
  • Accrual of 60 points within a 3-year period is required.
  • An average of 20 CPD points per calendar year is recommended.
  • CPD required for all Professional, Associate, and Fellow level members.
  • CPD is encouraged, but not required for Design and Student members.
  • Each year when renewing your membership, you need to declare how many points have been accrued.
  • The PLDA CPD scheme is largely self-administered with an onus of trust in accurate reporting.
  • PLDA will carry out sample auditing of membership records.
  • PLDA requires members to maintain a simple CPD portfolio.
  • The PLDA provides the following template (PDF and Excel formats) for record keeping as an example of the type of documentation which should be kept - forms of similar professional organizations are also acceptable.

PLDA_CPD Log Sheet_Template.pdf
PLDA_CPD Log Sheet_Template.xls

Activity Categories and CPD Point Value