PLDA Vox Juventa

Vox Juventa is an annual event for young designers and professionals under 35 years of age, to present a paper to an audience of professionals during a conference. In their quest to become good creative Lighting Designers, students and young professionals observe, research and study many aspects of light and lighting. Vox Juventa provides the opportunity for a select group of speakers to present their findings to a specialist audience, share and exchange ideas with peers and industry professionals, and promote closer collaboration between universities and schools of higher education offering Lighting Design. A jury of experts will decide on an overall winner during the conference who will receive a grand prize in the amount of EUR 1,000.

PLDA Vox Juventa 2012 - University of Wismar, Germany
06 October 2012

CALL FOR PAPERS!! - deadline for entries is 01 May 2012!!
Proposals for papers should be sent to the PLDA Head Office at:

PLDA Vox Juventa 2012 will be held during the Light Symposium conference in Wismar, Germany on 06 October 2012.
Papers may be submitted on the following themes or topics:

Theme I: Light and art
Examples:Light in museums/galleries, light art, temporary structures and lighting installations
Theme II: Light and Culture
Examples:Lighting cultures around the world and how they affect and impact the lighting designer's work (use of light + shadow, color, daylight, brightness, etc.)
Theme III: Light and Health
Examples:New findings and observations regarding the effect of daylight and/or electric light on human beings, flora and fauna
Theme IV: Technology
Examples:The application of new technologies; the role of technology in the design process; the scope and restrictions of new technologies and the lighting designer's responsibility in using them
Theme V: Daylight
Examples:Designing with daylight, daylight + health; analysis of projects that have a good use of daylight and what makes them unique or successful

Condition for entries:
• Entrants should be no older than 35 years of age and the paper submitted must be their original work.
• Entrants can be students of Lighting Design, Architecture,or related disciplines, Master students, PhD students, practicing independent Lighting Designers or young educators in the field of Lighting Design.
• The papers should take approximately 45 minutes each to present including time for questions.
• The conference language will be English.

The deadline for entries is 01 May 2012. A jury of experts will select the speakers from the papers submitted.
For Stage 1 of the competition, please give the exact title of the paper and include a summary of the contents in approximately 500 words (English). Proposals for papers should be sent to the PLDA Head Office at:


PLDA Vox Juventa 2011 - Madrid, Spain
22 October 2011
The PLDA Vox Juventa for 2011 was held during the Professional Lighting Designers' Convention (PLDC), in Madrid, Spain. The topics ranged from questioning the quality of LED lighting, correlations between lighting and retail store identity to the impact of lighting in hospitals. There were times the event was standing room only! We would like to congratulate all the speakers for an enjoyable event.

PLDA is proud to announce the selected speakers and winner for 2011:
Winner: Jemima Unwin

Natalia Sokol - Domestic Environment - The barriers for efficient electric lighting solutions
Max Erlemann - Quality of LED Lighting
Anna Sbokou - Sculpture lighting in museums and galleries - the observer's guide
Jemima Unwin - What is the impact of the night time usage of lighting on hospital wards on staff and patients?
Lora Kaleva - Saturated coloured light and its role in the night time environment
Maren Leudesdorff - Retail lighting for fashion stores - Correlation between lighting design and visual store identity

PLDA Vox Juventa 2010 - Stockholm, Sweden
October 2010

VJ1.jpg VJ2.jpg
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Kramer at the Vox Juventa awards ceremony. The "Best Speaker" award went to Vallachi Ganesan for her paper "The light within".

The PLDA Vox Juventa for 2010 was held during the KTH symposium, in Stockholm, Sweden with immense interest. Even the professional speakers and lighting experts in the audience were openly impressed by the high quality of the papers presented. The Best Speaker award went to Vellachi Ganesan from Singapore for her paper entitled "The light within". Her presentation comprised a comprehensive collection of examples from the fields of art, ethnology, religion, linguistics and philosophy that show how significant light is for mankind and what associations it elicits. Based on her interpretations of her findings, Vellachi has designed two sculptures, one at the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, and the other for the ILight Marina Bay Festival in Singapore.

A further award went to Laura Bernadet from Canada for her paper on "How art history can influence our work". The presentation included mention of paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, Edward Hopper, Pierre Soulages and Pablo Picasso, which were analyzed with regard to the artists' respective conception of light. This analysis led Laura Bernadet to develop her own approach to modern-day lighting design.