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Pictured Above 'Lights in Alingsas' - PLDA Workshop 2009, Sweden

Since the 1960s, architectural lighting design has started to become an integral part of the general architectural design of a building or area. The lighting designer's role is to illuminate the locale he or she is contracted to do in such a way that reflects the moods inherent in the place, its history, and its purpose. In doing all of this, the lighting designer faces the difficult task of creating a design that harmonizes with its context – the design should not appear "forced". Perhaps you have seen many buildings that have seen the hand of a professional architectural lighting designer, but did not realise it. This poses something of a dilemma to an association such as the Professional Lighting Designers' Association, one of whose principal goals is to raise the awareness of the lighting design profession.

Workshops organised by Professional Lighting Designers' Association go some way to remedying this problem, by drawing attention to the
work and skills of the lighting designer. At the same time, the workshops offer lighting designers, both experienced and in training, a chance to learn more, gain practical experience and impart their know-how.

Workshops teach the participants the lighting design process and simultaneously show the wide public how urban spaces can be enhanced through good professional lighting design.

The three-week presentation of the workshop results has proved to have a significant impact on the market, and has become an event for professionals from many related disciplines to view and discuss modern, trend-setting lighting concepts.

The Professional Lighting Designers’ Association, PLDA is an association of international professional lighting designers from around 50 countries around the globe, who have made it their responsibility to define and establish the lighting design profession. The advanced training and education of young designers and architects is especially important. The association has over 700 members worldwide.

Lighting Workshops: What are they?

  • Practical Workshop: concept to realisation
  • International Conference: gathering lighting design professionals from around the world
  • Presentation: using the installation for further activities

What can Lighting Workshops Offer to a Town?

  • Benefits for city marketing and tourism: media coverage, guided tours, City of Light image
  • Arouse discussion on lighting design, especially in urban spaces
  • The chance to be a pioneer in a new design field and in research
  • Education advantages: through the workshop host city other cities can learn about good urban lighting first hand, and are in a position to educate citizens and professionals
  • The chance to be an International Lighting Conference venue
  • Images and examples of good lighting: the opportunity to offer citizens pleasant outdoor spaces for enjoyment and safety

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For additional information and an archive of past workshops please refer to the PLDA website: PLDA Workshops